The thing that sets Joel apart from other instructors is his ability to take complex photographic principles and simplify them in an easy-to-understand and unpretentious manner. When you watch him, you will think “I can do this!” leaving you inspired to go out and create. – Steve Slate

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Individual Lessons Below

Learn to Shoot Portraits on Location in this Exciting Seven Lesson Tutorial Series!

If you don’t have the skill-set to go out and produce portraits on location, you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunities to create an income. In this series, Joel shows you step-by-step what gear to use and how to use it–in any kind of light. Plus, he takes you into Photoshop to teach you his powerful retouching techniques for every photo. Buy the entire series and save today!

Lesson One

Strobed HDR 32 Bit Processing

Follow Joel into the field as he shows you how to create an HDR portrait using both strobes and ambient light, by bracketing the ISO as the exposure variable. This lesson will allow you to create a 32 bit file, expanding your exposure latitude with jaw-dropping results, especially in the tonal values of a black and white image.


Lesson Two

Strobing Portraits Overpowering the Sun

Joel walks you through how to strobe outdoors, overpowering the sun to give you ultra dramatic portraits. This technique is a must for those who what to take their creative vision to the next level and compete in today’s marketplace.


Lesson Three

Strobing Portraits Using ND Filters

Learn how to create ultra shallow depth of field portraits outdoors in full sunlight, while still using strobes. The good news is you’re not stuck shooting at f/16 for f/22 aperture anymore. By using a neutral density filter, you can now have complete control over your lighting, but still get that beautiful soft background bokeh look.


Lesson Four

One Overhead light

Learn how to master the one light overhead portrait look strobing outdoors. Since light often falls from top to bottom, this simple lighting technique is a must for those working with beauty/fashion type subjects. This technique is also great for bridal and high school senior portraits.


Lesson Five

One Light Cross Light Portrait

Discover the most beautiful light on the planet, the “One light cross light”. Often referred to as the Rembrandt Light, this lighting technique helps to reveal character in your subjects. For the first 25 years of Joel’s photography career, this one light cross light technique was all he used. It really is magical light.


Lesson Six

Stitching Ultra Mega Pixels

Want to increase your file size to create ultra mega pixels? Stitching multiple images is nothing new, but what about strobing a portrait on location? The results can be off the charts amazing! Follow me as I show you how to strobe, stitch and process a portrait image in Photoshop resulting in a 150 plus mega pixel capture.


Lesson Seven

Three Light Edgy Portrait


And last, learn how I create my dramatic three light edgy portraits on location. No compositing folks, this is all done in camera. This lighting technique without question has been my signature brand over the last ten years and has served me will. Follow along as I take you through the process from start to finish.